This article will take you two (2) minutes to read – equivalent to the wait-time on a typical customer service call to Southwest Airlines.

For the past two years, I have chaperoned (using this word makes me sound older than 37) two high school students to New York. My nonprofit football camp – 4th and 1 – markets itself as a football camp. This is a form of perverse false marketing. 4th and 1 is not a football camp. Once we get the 40 high school students on the campus of Northeast Texas Community College, we lock the door and force feed ACT prep, yoga classes and life skills workshops into their membranes. 

At the end of each summer’s camp, we select the two most outstanding student-athletes for a trip to NYC. We visit the NFL headquarters and a host of touristy spots, but my favorite part of the trip is our visit to Chinatown. Why? Because Chinatown is the epicenter of Hustlenomics. From the guy selling fresh pineapples to the lady hawking fake purses, this part of the city is a beehive of hustlemania. Below are two key takeaways from the Hustle Capitol of the World. 


1. Keep it Moving (#KIM)
Tweet: #KIM = Keep it Moving #transitionleadership @CoachDKR

CENTURY CITY, CA - MAY 07: TV personality Kim Kardashian attends USC Shoah Foundation's 20th Anniversary Gala at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on May 7, 2014 in Century City, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for USC Shoah Foundation)

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for USC Shoah Foundation)

Whether you’re in Midtown or the Bronx, there is only one speed in the Big Apple – fast. To walk two blocks is an exercise in agility and perseverance. For those who are unwilling to comply with the frenetic pace, there is a price to pay – an avalanche of mean looks and profane shouts.

What a key lesson for life – Keep it Moving.

Didn’t get the promotion? Keep it Moving.

Didn’t reach your target weight loss? Keep it Moving.

Didn’t hit your 5K goal (Ok, now this is getting personal)? Keep it Moving.

Think like a Kardashian (please don’t take this literally). That family continues to pump out mind-numbing reality tv episodes and social media chicanery in spite of the onslaught of public ridicule that befalls them. Take one piece of advice from Kim…and just… #KIM.


2. Make the Ask…Then Make it Again

While walking through Chinatown, one will get bombarded with sales pitches. After a few encounters, I usually adopt a response that sounds something like this, “No thanks, appreciate it.” After making a couple of trips up and down Canal Street, I noticed something. I was getting repeat pitches from the same person with just an additional tweak. See the scripts below. Note: These three pitches came from the same woman.

Pitch #1: “Need some cologne, perfume, glasses, Gucci backpack?”

Pitch #2: “Need some cologne, perfume, glasses, Louis Vuitton bag?”

Pitch #3: “Need some cologne, perfume, iPad?”


What’s the takeaway? ASK! The answer is no before you ask, so go ahead and risk a yes.

What are some other tips that we should enshrine into the Hustlenomics Commandments? Insert them in the comments below!

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