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Thou Shall Not Call A Meeting Without A Purpose

So simple…yet so difficult. Let’s all face it, there are some people who equate the abundance of meetings on their calendars with productivity. Do not curse these individuals – pray for them, then curse them. If a meeting is necessary, then make sure that you crystallize the purpose for all parties.

Thou Shall Not Call A Meeting If An Email Would Suffice

As the convener of a potential meeting, take your powers seriously. Would a simple (and less time-consuming) e-mail exchange meet the same objectives as an intrusive meeting?

Thou Shall Not Call A Meeting Without An Agenda

Do not confuse this rule with the first commandment. For the sweet love of all that is good on earth, create a simple agenda with bullet-points or Roman numerals or something that delineates what items will be discussed.

Thou Shall Circulate The Agenda 24 Hours Prior To The Meeting

Perhaps, some attendees will read the agenda, address the topic areas and obliterate the need for a meeting? 

Forgive me, I got carried away…I’m still a dreamer.

Thou Shall Schedule Meetings In 10-Minute Increments

The person who ordained 30-minute increments as the standard for meeting times has been relegated to the 8th circle of Dante’s Inferno. 

Thou Shall Not Issue A Manhunt For Tardy Attendees

Starting a meeting late because certain participants have not arrived is an example of what economists call “moral hazard.” Do not incentivize tardiness. Do not send Jimmy to see if Ted is still in the restroom.

Just. Start. The. Damn. Meeting.

Thou Shall Not Munch During A Meeting

We appreciate that you are a health-concious individual. Yes we do. We just don’t need to hear the excruciating sound of your KIND bar (yummy) being disrobed by your fumbling fingers. 

Thou Shall Not Check Thy Phone During a Meeting

We know you are just checking Twitter. Put your phone underneath your chair or in your purse or in your satchel. Just take it off of the table. And yes, placing your phone on “Vibrate” is not a sign of you being considerate. 

Thou Shall Not Assume That A Second Meeting Shall Be Necessary

During the initial meeting, do not refer to the second meeting as if it is a given. Perhaps, if the current meeting is extremely effective, there shall be no need for the second meeting? Have faith.

Thou Shall Limit The Small Talk 

Do people really care that you and the family had a great time at Schlitterbahn? This may sound insensitive, but the answer is: No. 

Insert your ideas on how to make meetings more effective below.

Do it for your country.

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