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I receive at least ten e-mails each week from people who want to transition from the status quo into a new life.

The usual suspects include the disgruntled attorney who wants to become something else (insert journalist or chef as destination jobs) or the pre-med student who wants to pursue another major (insert architecture or history as alternate courses of study). After writing countless e-mails of encouragement, I decided to create a list of my top three tips for making a bold and successful move to the next stage in your life. Enjoy.


1. Get Off Your But

This first piece of advice is a gem that I heard from Jonathan Sprinkles, a personal mentor and renowned transition coach. Jonathan talks about “getting off your but” in order to reach the next phase of your life. There is power in switching from one conjunction to another and replacing your “but” with “and”. Using “but” limits your options. Using “and” expands the realm of possibility. Switch your language and change your mindset.

2. Grow A Tolerance For Discomfort

Magic-happensOftentimes, the perceived pain of leaving the status quo is too much for people to bear. Your imagination will conjure an infinite range of failure scenarios. What will happen if you leave your job? What will happen if you apply for the internship that you’re unqualified for? What will happen if you start that business that you’ve been contemplating for so many years?

You have two choices. Either experience the discomfort of the status quo or taste the discomfort of the future mixed with the excitement of charting a new path. The choice is yours.

3. Create Your Own Energy

My daily routine involves two essential phases – meditation and personal affirmation (aka “hype time”). I spend 30 minutes a day reaffirming who I want to be for the day – the person I want to be for my family and my goals. Finally, I spend time looking at myself in the mirror and telling myself just how successful I will be during the day.

Picture a rookie quarterback standing in the front of the mirror just before heading out of the locker room.

Over time, the self-coaching creates a soundtrack that will begin to drown out the negativity around you. Stay disciplined and keep coaching yourself. The responsibility of motivating you falls on you.

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  • Martin Smith

    Amazing stuff, Brother Daron. Your posts are always on point and provide a lot of motivation.

    • Daron K. Roberts

      Martin, I appreciate the kind words. You are one of the “doers” on this planet!

  • WilliamSifs

    I really like and appreciate your forum topic.Really thank you! Keep writing. Dipippo

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